Please Support The Heaven's Gate Goodbye Party Fund!

In memory of our dearly departed cultees^Wfriends from Heaven's Gate, we are providing you, these wonderful memorial t-shirts, emblazoned with the last photographs taken of our wayward journeyers in their human "vehicles".

Affixed to the picture is the logo that these free spirits seemed to live, and die, by, as noted by their choice of sneakerwear.

We can only wonder if they just loved the sneakers, or if... there was a more sinister meaning... Remember, their leader's name was "Do".

A lot of people have been asking if this is real. YES, these are totally legit! We were in the New York Times, August 11, 1997 - Look for the article titled "Who's Hacking Whom? HOPE Springs in Manhattan".
I added some pictures of the actual t-shirts to assauge any concerns (the pix are a little fuzzy (cheap camera), the actual quality is about the same as the pictures on this page.

Style One - "He's Dead, Jim"

This shirt captures the "in-your-faceness" of the suicides with a grim reminder of why you should be very careful who serves you applesauce.

"He's Dead Jim" SOLD OUT!

Style Two - "Slumber Party"

This is just such a cool picture,
we had to make it into a shirt also.

"Slumber Party" size XL only

We have only a limited number of these in stock, so grab 'em right away! All shirts are high-quality tees, with your style choice clearly printed on the front (NOTE: These are NOT screened, they are transferred, so the photo quality is retained). Shirts are $15 US for one, (plus $3 for shipping and handling!)

If you have any questions, contact rock @

May the force be with you!